How To Clean a Plasma TV Screen?

Plasma TV screens can be tricky to clean, unlike their more traditional counterparts. It is vital that you prepare and clean the screen correctly so as not to damage the screen quality, which can be surprisingly easy to do. As the TV sets are becoming thinner and thinner, they are getting more vulnerable to be damaged by slightest touch. Moreover, you cannot use any liquid to clean them. It is imperative that only specific fluids be used to ensure the color quality of the screens.

The key is in the materials rather than the substance you use to clean, mostly importantly the cloth. Any cloth you use to clean a plasma screen should be as soft as possible, with no abrasive surface anywhere on the cloth (even if you only intend to clean with one side of a multi-surface sponge, avoid this as you may slip and damage the screen anyway). You can buy specialist cloths which are soft and anti-static, and ideal for cleaning a plasma TV screen with. These are a little more expensive than conventional cloths, but will help extend the life of your plasma screen – so it’s well worth investing.

For most, a firm (but not too firm) rub down of the plasma screen will clear any fingerprints, dust, lint or other undesirable objects. If, however, you have something that is a little trickier to remove, you may need to use a solution with the cloth to achieve best results. Use a cleaning product that is fit for plasma usage (check the label), and apply sparingly to the cloth – not to the screen itself. Then clean in circular motions, adding more cleaning fluid if needed, then wipe clean with a second cloth.

Finally, always remember to turn off your plasma TV screen prior to cleaning. If you want to make the most out of your plasma TV screen, we would suggest you to go for best iptv service UK to enjoy 4K UHD channels on your TV screen.