How to clean bird droppings

Bird poop troubles the residents. According to houses, dormitories, apartments, including car lovers who were attacked by bird droppings as well

By most of the bird droppings that are messed up on the balcony of houses, dormitories, or apartments Usually caused by pigeons to nest. and release the feces until it becomes sloppy until causing a nuisance or causing germs to the residents

Cleaning bird droppings It’s not easy at all. Because if left for a long time Bird droppings will be hard.

When scrubbed off, it will leave a yellow stain. to look at different pages Because bird droppings are acidic thus biting the skin that bird droppings can touch.

And today we will talk about how to clean bird droppings. Following the balcony

  1. Bring about two or three buckets of water. Pour it on the balcony floor, moisten it and let it sit for about 15 minutes to soften the bird droppings to be scrubbed easily.
  2. Then mix the floor scrub with wateraccording to the ratio indicated on the side of the bottle. Pour it onto the balcony floor and leave it for about 10 minutes.
  3. Then take a floor scrubber or a floor brush. to scrub the bird droppings out If it’s a marble floor I use a brush to scrub the area with soft skin. Avoid the iron wool that can cause scratches on the floor.
  4. Rinse with water to wash off the stains that scrub the bird droppings. according to the second step out.
  5. Then use the coconut broom. Sweep the water out through the drain holes. Then blot with a dry cloth. May use a mop to absorb the water. Then wring it dry. Repeat this a few times and the stain will be gone.

For the problem of bird droppings hit the car.

It is a serious problem for car lovers. Because it always leaves a yellow stain.

So let’s see how to get rid of bird droppings that stain the car properly.

  1. When our car was hit by bird droppings don’t leave it too long

In addition to looking dirty It also has a negative effect on the color of the car. Makes the car’s paint stain easily, so if bird droppings are found, use soft paper. come pick up the bird droppings (Do not use the rub-off method)

  1. As for the case that the bird droppings are dry and already stuck in the car

Use an oily liquid such as Stay Clean to wipe away bird droppings. If the stains cannot be wiped off in one go The solution should be left for a few more minutes, after which, wipe the stains again.

  1. For those who wash their cars regularly

will help clear the dirt no matter the stains or various stains that can be harmful to the car’s paint and after washing the car The car should also be painted. because the coating of the car It will help prevent bird droppings. including various stains that is harmful to the car’s paint

  1. Another method of preventing bird droppings is

Should choose a suitable parking lot. If ever parked at any point, Then there are birds to defecate on a regular basis. should move the parking lot or if necessary to park or have to park for a long time should bring a cloth to cover the car by choosing a good quality car cover. in order to avoid scratching the cat’s hair.

But the best solution to prevent this problem to leave the house or accommodation is Prevent birds from nesting, for example by using a net to hold the balcony. Or use a gel for repelling birds.

Otherwise, you will have to clean the bird droppings endlessly.

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